Do Eye Masks Really Work?

Do Eye Masks Really Work?

We hear people say there’s no denying that eye masks are a great pick me up for long nights and early mornings. Packed with concentrated beneficial ingredients, it’s the most convenient way to prep your skin for the day ahead. Why only settle with one eye mask when you can get 5 with Eyetitude? Their Refresh My EyeZ MaZk Kit is unlike any other eye mask with their innovative design to treat the entire eye area and not just the under the eye. As an eye mask skeptic, I thought it would be interesting to test and review their eye masks. Here’s the deep dive on the Eyetitude Refresh My EyeZ MaZk Kit.



  • The unique shape is different from common eye masks. It targets the entire eye area not just the under eye
  • Can be used at any time of the day and can be worn up to 2 hours


  • I was worried if the eye masks couldn’t fit on my eyes
  • Packaging was a little tough to open

All That Glitters Gold Eye Mask
24K Gold Collagen

The All That Glitters Gold Eye Mask claims to help with dull skin and adds hydration to the skin which is perfect for skin prep before a night out. I used it as I was getting ready to go out for dinner for an extra boost of hydration. After 20 minutes the eye masks had the skin around my eyes looking and feeling rejuvenated. It was the perfect prep before I finished applying my makeup because it allowed my products to glide on smoothly and added an extra glow under my makeup. I think the combination of Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid in the eyemask added the hydration my eye area needed plus protected my skin barrier.

See No More Circles
Vitamin C Collagen

Have you ever had weeks where you’re trying to meet tight deadlines? This is the perfect mid-day/end-of-day pick-me-up. As I was working on our Spring Cleaning campaign, staring at a laptop screen strained my eyes which made me look more tired. I used the See No More Circles Eye Mask during a conference meeting (perks of a hybrid work model) for a quick self-care session. I didn’t expect too much after removing the eye masks but I was impressed with the results. Within only 30 minutes, it felt like I had napped for an hour and my skin looked brighter once I removed the eye mask. It was almost like my skin drank a cup of coffee to come back to life!

Help Me Hangover
Bamboo Charcoal Collagen

This mask does what it claims to do. Hangovers are not the same after using the Help Me Hangover Eye Mask. After a long night out with my friends, I woke up feeling lethargic and lazy. A few hours before getting lunch with a friend, I used the Help Me Hangover mask as I napped. The great thing about these Eyetitude masks is that they can be worn for up to 2 hours.

After my 2 hour nap, I did a double-take in the mirror because the puffiness and tired look in my eyes went down and I looked like I had slept for 8 hours. Let’s just say, when I went out for lunch that day no one noticed that I was still feeling hungover and tired.

Protect My Peepers
Red Wine & Rose Collagen

Living in Toronto, the weather here is unpredictable. It could snow one day and the next day it would be sunny and warm. This type of weather affects my skin to the point where the skin around my eye area tends to get dry and irritated even though I have oily eyelids.

Protect My Peepers Eye Mask seemed fitting as I got ready to go into the office because the weather said there would be harsh dry winds. I used the eye mask before I left for work and to my surprise, my eyes didn’t feel dry or irritated by the weather. It was almost like the eye mask added a layer of protection from the wind which lasted the whole day.

A Day In The Sun
Green Tea Collagen

What better way to end off testing the eye masks with the A Day in The Sun Eye Mask. I was the most excited to try this eye mask because it has Green Tea Collagen which helps your skin naturally reduce the look of wrinkles and adds protection to free radicals. After a hard week of work, I used this eye mask as I was getting ready to go out and it honestly makes me feel better than it’s extra protection from sun damage. This mask gave my eye area a lot of hydration which left my skin ready and prepped for makeup. My makeup glided on so smoothly and left my skin without any creases or dry patches.


Overall, the Eyetitude eye masks are a great pick me up! I definitely like the gel-like eye masks and how my skin feels after using the eye masks. The eye. masks are a great quick fix to everyday stressors that affect the skin and I’m excited to get my hands on a new set!

This blog post is part of a paid partnership with Eyetitude. All opinions and information shared in this post is our own interpretation of a trusted source.