Happy Earth Day!

Now more than ever we see the importance of being kind to our Mother Earth.

In 1970, 50 years ago, the celebration of Earth Day began. 

This is to bring awareness to our beautiful planet and ways we all can do little things to contribute and ensure that our planet is beautiful for generations to come.

First and foremost simply taking a few minutes today to educate ourselves on little things we tend to forget where awareness will help us make conscious choices that are environmentally friendly.

*Reusable grocery bags, and if you forget or it is not available at the time don't forget to always recycle

*Print as little as necessary

*If you commute to and from work everyday see if you can carpool

*If you are live in a hot climate it is difficult to keep your ac higher but remember to turn it up when you are not home

*combine your errands to save fuel

*shopping online

*limit grocery shopping to once a week the most

I love hearing about companies that are environmentally friendly and I try my best to be inline with companies that are also consciously environmentally friendly.  

For example, I go to a local car wash that uses recycled water.  Many of the touchless car wash companies do use them today and I will always make sure I use one over the other.

When buying your skincare products make sure that the retail packaging is all recyclable.

And at the end of the day just breathe and be grateful for this beautiful planet that we are all blessed to be a part of!