IllumineyeZ Rejuvenator

IllumineyeZ Rejuvenator

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Unlock the full benefit of your favorite serums and creams

Your Solution For: Maximum Hydration + Greatest Reduction in Wrinkles, Scars & Age Spots

Why It Works:

  • 10,000 times/minute high frequency vibration massage, heat, infrared LED light, and a negative ion technology.


*Repairs damaged cells

*Enhances cell activity

*Promotes collagen and elasticity

*Tightens pores & firms skin

*Promotes blood circulation whereby reducing dark circles & under eye bags

*Increases maximum absorbability of your favorite creams and serums

*Increases blood circulation for protection against puffiness & dark circles

*Easy to use and gentle for all skin types (including yours)



Our Promise: By using 3-5 minutes per area daily you will see

visible results within 2 weeks.